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trunkActually make shit workRobin Boers7 days
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7 daysActually make shit workHEADtrunkRobin Boers
7 daysUse env bash for shebangRobin Boers
7 daysCollisions!!Robin Boers
7 daysWhoops, lost a bunch of progressRobin Boers
8 daysPlayer health WIPRobin Boers
8 daysRaycasting v1Robin Boers
2024-04-08Implement front end of lobby systemRobin Boers
2024-04-06Start working on default levelRobin Boers
2024-03-25Update README with default on new project structureRobin Boers
2024-03-25Improve serialization of `Level`Robin Boers