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trunkMake JSON store volume-based instead of year-based (broken, WIP)Robin Boers7 days
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7 daysMake JSON store volume-based instead of year-based (broken, WIP)HEADtrunkRobin Boers
2024-05-18Implement flash messagesRobin Boers
2024-05-18Normalize booleans in configRobin Boers
2024-05-18Huge refactorRobin Boers
2024-05-18Make auth work (sort of)Robin Boers
2024-05-17Style inputs properlyRobin Boers
2024-05-17Fix typo in utilsRobin Boers
2024-05-17Don't show settings button on login screenRobin Boers
2024-05-17Move dev server to seperate fileRobin Boers
2024-05-17Implement untested proof-of-concept authenticationRobin Boers