oblikvoA browser-based 3D first-person shooter with old school graphics and multiplayer...3 months
somtomorrowNext-gen cross-platform Somtoday client that's actually good.3 months
hacketA simple and easy to use microblogging platform built with IndieWeb principles a...11 months
repoGentoo ebuild repository.
wikibad people dont exist; stupid people do
epique/epiqueProof-of-concept website for fictional company.2 months
epique/pressLogo files for Epique.12 months
forks/smileEmoji mapping to emoji converter to examine metaprogramming in Elixir.5 weeks
forks/smartypants.jsFixes the CLI of the smartypants NPM package.7 weeks
forks/molly-brownFork of the Unsinkable Molly Brown Gemini server with pretty URL support.7 months
forks/gemdownAn opinionated Javascript library for rendering Markdown files in the gemtext fo...7 months
forks/gemdown.pyAn opiniated Python script for rendering Markdown files in the gemtext format.7 months
forks/p5-nodeA package containing some APIs from p5js, like p5.Vector and p5.Color, that can ...
forks/vnuProvides an executable for the vnu-jar NPM package.
grape-lang/grape-nextAnother rewrite of the Grape interpreter6 months
grape-lang/grape-nativeRewrite of the Python interpreter of the Grape Programming Language designed to ...8 months
grape-lang/ Interpreter for the Grape Programming Language, written in Python.13 months
meta/dotfilesMy personal dotfiles6 days
neopub/neoblogRewrite of SkyLight website builder with IndieWeb support using neopub as a base...14 months
neopub/themesA repository of themes for neopub, my IndieWeb blogging platform.14 months
neopub/neopubMy self-hosted microblog with micropub and webmention support written in PHP.14 months
neopub/untitledWebsite engine that explores ways to blend websites, social media and collaborat...
nindo/nindbModule for to handle interactions with a PostgreSQL database.11 months
nindo/coreLibrary that forms the entire backend of Nindo. Handles account managment, posti...11 months
nindo/nindoAn RSS reader and blogging platform designed to be easy and minimal.11 months
nindo/archiveThe front page for as a static website.14 months
nindo/classic(Outdated) Small social media platform written in PHP.14 months
axcelott/BetterPaintingA Datapack wich adds an easy to use painting tools to Minecraft. 5 weeks
axcelott/RubyClientMy own custom Minecraft Bedrock edition client5 weeks
axcelott/TheFREDProjectA Minecraft Java rescourcepack for FREDERICO fans.5 weeks
axcelott/timmy(Outdated) AutoReddit Bot for discord. 5 weeks
axcelott/CodeEditKit(Re-upload) Simple web code-editor built using PHP. 5 weeks
axcelott/file-explorer(Re-upload) Simple PHP file explorer for your webserver. 5 weeks
axcelott/webdev-toolsSet of tools to help with web/gamedevelopment.5 weeks
axcelott/waiterSimple gridserver written in Rust.6 weeks
axcelott/chopVery minimal SSG generator based on Liquid-based templates. Written in ~200 line...3 months
axcelott/bix(Abandoned) A project manager written in Fish.6 months
axcelott/ghme.cssLightweight and pretty CSS framework based on the stylesheet of my personal site...10 months
axcelott/firefox-tweaks๐ŸฆŠ My current userChrome.css config for Firefox. Photon like design for Firefo...10 months
axcelott/pubble(Abandoned) Microblogging platform written in Elixir.11 months
axcelott/js0.23-improvedA fork of the game.11 months
axcelott/cutie-tanksShoot 'em all arcade game.11 months
axcelott/thinkchatSimple based chat application.11 months
axcelott/thunderbird-tweaks๐Ÿฆ My current userChrome.css config for Thunderbird. Clean Gnome-like design f...13 months
axcelott/MushroomHighlandsA Minecraft Datapack that adds a new dimension to the game: The Mushroom Highlan...14 months
axcelott/VSKodiumWeb-based editor for Chromebooks made using CodeMirror and CSS Grid layout.14 months
axcelott/sticks-and-rocks2d sandbox game with random terrain.14 months
axcelott/ToBooSvelte app that uses GitHub issues as todo lists.14 months
axcelott/NinjaDOSimple JS multiplayer game using socket.io14 months
axcelott/fallen_worldMinecraft RPG datapack and adventure map.14 months
axcelott/spaceshooter.js3D spaceshooter written in JS ๐Ÿš€14 months
axcelott/MrEmous(Archived) Official Kotersquad discord bot, written in Node.
axcelott/dummy[no description]
axcelott/hotfoxA browser extension for Firefox that detects RSS feeds and allows you to subscri...
axcelott/lowcCompiler for LowTML, a pseudo-HTML language.
axcelott/pebblePrototype for a PHP-based static site generator with a minimal but cozy CMS
axcelott/rplacer/place clone written in a single PHP file.
axcelott/sendmailProgram to send emails from the CLI.
sites/school.geheimesite.nlA repo with documents for school.4 days
sites/api.geheimesite.nlREST APIs for several projects.6 weeks
sites/blog.geheimesite.nlSource code for blog.geheimesite.nl6 weeks
sites/git.geheimesite.nlSource code for git.geheimesite.nl7 weeks
sites/geheimesite.nlMy personal website.3 months
sites/classic.geheimesite.nlArchive of old versions of my website.5 months
sites/ckvMy CKV (art stuff for school) website.5 months
sites/dupunkto.orgThe public {du}punkto website & gemini capsule.
sites/roblog.nlMy personal website.
skylight/themesThemes for SkyLight.5 weeks
skylight/skylight(Abandoned) DIY Website Builder built using PHP and Javascript. 5 weeks
skylight/base-themeDefault theme used SkyLight, base for theme development.5 weeks
unlibrary/miscMiscellaneous files regarding the Unlibrary project.10 months
unlibrary/unpipedA simple script to generate your own custom YouTube homepage from an Unlibrary a...10 months
unlibrary/opml-importerSimple script to import an OPML file into an Unlibrary account.10 months
unlibrary/weba local web client for unlibrary readerd10 months
unlibrary/readerda rss reader deamon10 months
unlibrary/readera rss reader written in elixir11 months
unlibrary/clia commandline client for unlibrary readerd12 months